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Repair of Weathered Exterior Wood

WEATHERED WOOD home components are expensive to replace. Weathered wood like barge rafters, siding, rafter tails, and trim are areas without paint, with surface cracks in the wood and ridges in the wood between old tree rings. Weathered south facing barge rafters are a common problem. Recently I had an “opportunity” to restore extensive weathering on a classic Craftsman home for a friend. Here is what it looked like: Weathered Redwood Lap Siding An example of weathered lap siding. Restoring weathered wood expecially barge rafters and siding is difficult multistage process. Both Home Inspectors and Wood Destroying Organism Inspectors call for weathered wood to be replaced, which is expensive. Especially if it is the entire exterior, as in this case. Southern exposure barge rafters are particularly susceptible to weathering. Here is how to restore weathered wood: 1. Pressure wash or wash and scrub off dirt and old paint; 2. Scrape the entire weathered area with a good paint scraper; 3. Wire brush the weathered wood throughly;  Weathered Lap Siding After Sanding 4. Where more than one layer of paint has pealed off, heavy sand the area with 60-100 grit sand paper, with a belt or orbital sander; finish sand with 120 grit finish sandpaper with a finish sander or by hand; 5. Apply one or more coats of filler paint undercoat; 6. Finish sand the filler undercoat to a smooth surface, if not smooth, apply more coats of filler paint; 7. Apply paint to the weathered area. Restored Lap Siding Restored Lap Siding! What a difference! Now that you’re exhausted, you know how to restore weathered home components! Its labor intensive, but far cheaper than thousands spent on new wood! Subscribe to Realestateblocks.com!

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